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Brian’s 10* CBB A-10 Game of the Year

Price: $35.00

10-0 last two Saturday’s combined and today I have my biggest investment I have made in the A-10 in over 5 years. Love the value we get here make sure you follow this one as we cruise to another huge Saturday!

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

Rickenbach 10* CBB Situational Slaughter #1 SIDE Saturday *Off Sides SWEEP!*

Price: $40.00

11-1 / 92%! That's the RED HOT RUN for Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach with GOW/TOW picks after 2-0 SWEEP of GOW/TOW picks Friday. However, he did lose a big totals play in CBB yesterday and is, of course, NOT happy about that. He'll get his revenge here! Off a SWEEP of SIDES in all sports Friday, here is his #1 SIDE on Saturday's card! THE BIG ONE!

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

NHL Pick

Price: $30.00

Get my best NHL pick of the day guaranteed or try my MONTHLY PASS for the best deal on all my NBA, NHL, and NCAAB picks.

1 pick (1 NHL)

Rob V: 100% NBA 2nd Game Back from Break 5* TOP play System

Price: $44.99

$$ NBA Red Circle Perfect System Power Play Alert $$

** NBA TOP Total $$ BIG on Friday **

On Saturday Rob ha an EXCLUSIVE NEVER lost NBA BANGER System that pertain to BOTH team playing in their 2nd game back from the All Star Break. Put the MOST Powerful Data in the Industry on YOUR Side tonight as we Continue to cash in the NBA

1 pick (1 NBA)

Rickenbach 10* NBA *GAME OF THE MONTH* Saturday *He is 12-2 / 86%!*

Price: $50.00

Scott "The Bulldog" Rickenbach WON his NBA GOW with his #1 play this week involving a Central Div team. Now his #1 play this week involving an Atlantic Div team is SO STRONG its his 10* NBA *GAME OF THE MONTH* and it goes Saturday. His GOW/TOW/GOM/TOM on 12-2 / 86% RUN! Rickenbach adds to his HUGE hoops profits as GAME OF THE MONTH adds to 86% RUN!

1 pick (1 NBA)


Price: $50.00

Already on an OUTRAGEOUS 18-5 NBA RUN, the time has come for another ~SIGNATURE~ release from Power Sports! The last *10* ULTIMATE POWER release that we saw ended up w/ Utah beating Houston OUTRIGHT!

Note that it's not just NBA where Power is "taking names" right now. He's a SIZZLING 55-35-1 overall the L26 days! What are you waiting for?

1 pick (1 NBA)

AAA'S *10* "ART OF WAR" >> UNREAL $28,659 PROFIT L111 DAYS!

Price: $50.00

AAA absolutely TORE UP the sportsbooks in November, December & January! That's continued here in February as they are now up an UNREAL $28,659 OVERALL the past 111 days! No sport has been safe from their WRATH, including NHL where they are on a 29-19 run!

While it's been a bit of a disappointing week so far at the rink, here's a *10* "ART OF WAR!"

1 pick (1 NHL)


Price: $30.00

This is a late information release so you know that its based on details emerging from one of Dana's West Coast contacts.

Buy this play and win, plain and simple.

1 pick (1 NCAAB)

NBA Slam Dunk

Price: $30.00

Get my best NBA pick of the day guaranteed or try my MONTHLY PASS for the best deal on all my NBA, NHL, and NCAAB picks.

1 pick (1 NBA)


Price: $60.00

Get my 3 best picks of the day or try my MONTHLY PASS for the best deal on all my NBA, NHL, and NCAAB picks.

3 picks (1 NHL, 1 NCAAB, 1 NBA)

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