Rose Bowl Annihilation CFB 8*

Rose Bowl Annihilation CFB 8*

Oregon vs. Wisconsin, 01/01/2020 17:00 EDT, Score: 28 - 27

Point Spread: +3/-104 Oregon

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Win

Rose Bowl Annihilation - Rickenbach CFB Rotation #268 Wednesday 8* Oregon Ducks (+) vs Wisconsin Badgers @ 5 ET - Two teams I respect greatly but I feel we have solid line value here with the Ducks as a field goal underdog in this one. Oregon allowed 17 points or less in 8 of their last 12 games. That included a blowout win in the Pac-12 Championship Game. Now of of course Wisconsin is a strong team offensively and they're going to get their fair share against the Ducks defense but you can see why I am giving some shading toward the Oregon D getting more stops than the Badgers D in this one. I like the way the Ducks O matches up with the Badgers D. Led by QB Justin Herbert, Oregon has a solid and balanced offensive attack and their offensive style presents similar challenges to the Wisconsin D that Ohio State did. That is certainly noteworthy as the Buckeyes put up at least 34 points in each game against the Badgers this season. The way the Ducks are built on offense, they will also give Wisconsin some trouble and this is particularly true of their young secondary. Oregon only has 2 losses this season and one came by just 3 points in an upset while the other came on a TD with just 9 seconds left in the game. The Ducks have not been blown out. Now I am not saying Oregon is Ohio State BUT I am saying they are similar and the Buckeyes got the best of the Badgers twice this season and the average margin of defeat was 22 points. Considering all of the above plus the fact we're getting a full field goal here, I am grabbing the dog. Keep in mind, the Badgers ended the regular season on a disappointing note with the loss to Ohio State while the Ducks are riding high and with plenty of momentum after what they did to Utah in the Pac-12 Championship Game. 8* OREGON

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