Brian’s 10* NFL Monday Investment

Brian’s 10* NFL Monday Investment

Kansas City vs. LA Chargers, 11/18/2019 20:15 EDT, Score: 24 - 17

Point Spread: +5½/-110 LA Chargers

Sportsbook: Bodog

Result: Loss

Let’s state the obvious its been a bad weekend for me and for the books for the most part. I do not see them taking another big hit and that’s what it would be if the Chargers do not cover this game the later you wait to get in on this the better as I see the books padding this line more. Chargers have the talent on offense and defense and over the years we have seen them step up their game at home. Look for Rivers to have his best game of the year and for the Chargers to get pressure on Pat Mahomes tonight.

Invest 10 units on the Chargers rotation #476

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