Stephen Nover's Sunday Top Ticket - 16-4 NBA Run!

Stephen Nover's Sunday Top Ticket - 16-4 NBA Run!

Atlanta vs. LA Lakers, 11/17/2019 21:30 EDT, Score: 101 - 122

Point Spread: +13½/-108 Atlanta

Sportsbook: PinnacleSports

Result: Loss

The Lakers had to laugh at Atlanta if they were watching any of the Hawks-Clippers Saturday night game. The Clippers won, 150-101. It was the Hawks' worst loss since moving to Atlanta from St. Louis. 
The Lakers can't help but take the Hawks for granted. 
Look for the Hawks, though, to play the Lakers tough in this matchup. Not only is there the embarrassment factor from Saturday night, but the Hawks also shouldn't feel the normal fatigue associated with playing on the second of consecutive nights. 
Only one Atlanta player reached the 30-minute level Saturday due to the blowout. The game also was played at Staples Center, an arena both the Clippers and Lakers use as their home-court. So there is no travel involved for the Hawks. 
Note these trends, too: The Hawks have covered 11 of their last 16 road contests and are 9-5 ATS versus above .500 foes. 

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