Alex Smart Sports Money Management

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By: Alex Smart Published on: 02/24/2014

To be a successful and profitable sports bettor you must always have a long term goal or objective. Set that standard before your wagering campaign begins and set aside fairly substantial bankroll that uses a consistent incremental amount for the vast majority of your wagers. A conservative and appropriate, amount would be one to two percent of your allocated bankroll and absolutely no more than three percent of your bankroll. This might seem a little on the low side, but believe me, over the course of what will sometimes be a turbulent battle with the books to picks winners against the spread you will be happy that you practiced good money management and frugality. These guidelines do not take into consideration a combination of factors that will also help you along the way and I have included them below. 1. Consistently shop for your best possible lines (rogue lines) from the most reputable sources. 2. Stay disciplined and do not stray from recommended bankroll allocation on individual wagers. Chasing your wagers whether you are on a winning or losing streak is absolutely forbidden under my by betting methodology. 3. Always keep in mind that your bankroll is your life line (working capital) and must be treated the same way you would treat finances that are allocated for any business venture. 4. Buy off the hook on key numbers(Football only). 5. Understanding the importance and the art of middling. 6. Keep a record of all your wagers and results and use them as part of over all statistical data base. These are some important factors that will help you in your quest for long term profits. I leave you with a thought from the late great Jimmy the Greek. The house does not beat the player, it just gives him the opportunity to beat himself.