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By: Alex Smart Published on: 02/24/2014

Many gamblers and most fans, players, and coaches, offer causal explanations for long runs of good or bad sports performances. Financial analysts are quick to offer explanations for the up and down performance of the stock market and the investment they have bought into and have recommended to clients. The records of professional bettors and public handicappers and stock market day traders and investment gurus show the same variable successes and failures. As does the performance of the teams and stocks they both back, for financial gain! Both investment opportunities show significant variables, and both to some extent can be considered decipherable, thus giving the investor an advantage! If proper research and time is taken to consider all the pertinent facts of investing in particular stock or wagering position, than a long term profit is more than attainable over an extended or applicable period of time! It may seem like I'm making comparisons between apples and oranges when talking about sports betting and investing in the stock market! But the truth of the matter is, both situations need the man behind the bet to have made an in depth study, of all of the key statistical data, company employees or team/player personal and their management and ownership and their past performances! Both must usually either show the ability for upward momentum, or show the ability as a whole to fulfill your belief in them as solid proposition at the price being asked! However, betting on sports is a far safer vehicle for growing profits. It's even better than the stock market, because the investor/bettor has much more control over his funds. You can take a short break, and almost always know your bankroll has not been untouched. Conversely, in the markets, you are leaving your 401K and other mutual investments in the hands of a volatile marketplace. In addition, you are being torched for huge handling fees by brokers on individual investments that would make sports books mangers drool. I am not saying it is easy making a living from sports betting. However the two to three percent of the population that do consistently beat the books have a much better rate of return over the long haul than that of any market investor! This is the outlook I have on every wager I place in the sports wagering markets. I take my portfolio very seriously!