March Madness a Defensive Approach -Alex Smart

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By: Alex Smart Published on: 02/24/2014

It’s almost that time of year again, as March Madness is upon us. With its arrival come memories of some of the most breathtaking college basketball found anywhere in the world today—games that will have you biting your nails, screaming unmentionable insults at the TV screen, and arm-raising fanaticism that often leaves many non-basketball fans wondering what underlying physiological problems you may have. Included in this Mardi Gras-like festival are big school bands, beautiful cheerleaders, and crowds that make many believe the building is about to collapse. Included in this purgatory-like atmosphere are all-night parties that leave you dazed and exhausted. These are just a few of the great tension-filled days called March Madness, a tournament that started with eight college basketball teams back in 1939. Now in the year 2014, 65 of America's best college basketball teams collide in one giant hardwood explosion. Unfortunately, during this incredible sporting spectacle the regular betting man will start to be taken in by the emotional whirlwind that surrounds him. Throwing his money around like a Friday night pub crawl dart player. Leaving him susceptible to uncontrolled, emotionally motivated betting regimens that would make any professional bettor twist and turn in torment. It is during this time that most basketball betting pundits are most vulnerable, and believe me, the oddsmakers are fully aware of this. So when preparing to wager on a March Madness game, be well aware of what the true odds should be. Take into consideration all statistical and motivational data needed to intelligently decipher a game situation. That is not always as straightforward as the lines makers and analysts would lead you to believe. Most TV sports commentators will put a spin on these NCAA hoops games that would make Harlem's own Meadowlark Lemon proud, leaving you so dizzied by the influx of unrelated statistical data that you don’t even know if the No. 1 team in the nation even has a crack at winning a single game, let alone a spot in the Final Four. It’s at this exact point in time when we should all remember to stand back and take a second to get out of the March Madness tornado and shake the emotional cobwebs out of our heads. Remember the chant DEFENSE, DEFENSE, DEFENSE. Take a defensive posture during this March Madness, and keep your emotions in check. This should help keep you from losing a pocketful of dough and help you garner some profits that make that big party hangover easier to handle.