College Basketball's Futures To Win It All by Joe D'Amico

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By: Joe D'Amico Published on: 11/09/2013




Well, sports fans another season of NCAAB is upon us and what most people don't realize is that college hoops is the most popular and best sport to make a profit in. You see, everyone loves football. School kids, Grandma's, office pools, and of course the serious bettor. I will admit that when August rolls around and pre-season NFL begins, the waiting is over. Back in the day, if you put 100 sports bettors in a room, all 100 would wager on football, about 75% would play hoops, and only about 20% actually took interest in Base Ball. But now with the rippling of gambling in general, on-line poker players, and sports fans, it seems everyone has some sort of interest in sports more than just being fans…they are looking to make money. I love football. it is our bread-n-butter as far as new clients and potential clients. But one thing you must realize is that 99% of your football action occurs on Saturday and Sunday. So after almost 6 months from the Super Bowl, people are jonesing for the NFL and NCAAF. But like I said, the majority of your games are within 36 hours. Ask yourself this…If you only liked 1 play on a Saturday, would you only play that individual game or would you look and take more action? The football lines "officially" come out Sunday night for the week and as you know, lines move drastically. The one thing that truly matters in sports wagering is the line. Everyone has lost a game with only seconds on the clock by a 1/2 point. In Vegas, you can walk into a casino with a briefcase full of cash and bet just about as much as you want. Try to do that in hoops. Most, and I say "most" sports books limit your action in basketball to as little as 2-3,000 a game tops. The reason for this is the fact that the lines officially come out the day of the games so there is much more room for error by the odds makers. In foot ball, if the line is off, they have six days to adjust it and put the tide in their favor. In BB, they don't have that luxury so a smart player, a disciplined player, and a patient player can make money almost daily. And for you action junkies out there, let's talk the truth, on a Saturday or Sunday, you know it will be another week before you can bet on football so there are often times that those people force a lot of their wagers. In basketball, if there isn't something special today, odds are there will be tomorrow. But just as FB, the line is key. A half-point here or there means the difference between a successful win and a dismal loss. That is why you must come to the best handicappers in the world to advise you on who, when, and why. You work a regular job, come home and live your life. Us, elite 'cappers live this life. Just like a policeman that ends his shift, he doesn't stop being a cop. We don't do this as an occupation, we are this as a lifestyle. As you are sleeping we are getting the inside info on injuries, line movements, referee tendencies, and factors like travel, rest, and past tendencies. There is also a major point that you are most-likely unaware of. Everyone knows about the Top-25 but what about some of these smaller schools that actually have a squad that stays together for 3-4 years, gets little publicity, while a lot isn't known about their recruiting class. Those are the best kept secrets in college hoops. Below is a current list of Odds to win the NCAAB Championship:


Kentucky 9/2

Duke 7/1

Michigan State , Florida, Arizona 10/1

Louisville , Ohio State 12/1

North Carolina 14/1

Michigan, Kansas 15/1

Gonzaga, Wisconsin, Syracuse, Georgetown ,Virginia, Oklahoma State 25/1

Indiana 30/1

VCU, Creighton, Marquette, Pittsburgh, Colorado,

St. Louis, Butler, Iowa are all 40/1

UCONN, Memphis, Tennessee, Baylor, all 45/1

New Mexico, Wichita State, Missouri, all 48/1

Oregon, Stanford, Villanova, UCLA, Texas, UNLV, San Diego State, Ole Miss, Kansas State, Alabama, Cincinnati, Illinois, are all 50/1

NC State, Florida State, Notre Dame, St. Johns, Purdue, Iowa State, Oklahoma  all 75/1

Harvard, Boise State, Arkansas, LSU, Arizona State, BYU, Miami Florida, are all 100/1

Vanderbilt and Dayton are both 125/1

Temple, Maryland, Minnesota, California, Providence are all 150/1

Washington, USC 175/1

Davidson, Xavier 200/1

Field  50/1



Guys, as I have stated before, future bets are becoming more popular but I prefer my money where it belongs in my pocket and not locked up for 4-5 months. I certainly believe that I can make more in 1 solid wager than I could locking my money up for a season and hoping I get lucky. But this is entertainment and should be enjoyable. But isn't it more fun when you are making money? The one sure way to guarantee a profitable season is by getting all my winning information right here. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D'Amico