League: NBA
By: Joe D'Amico Published on: 11/01/2013



As last season's #1 NBA Handicapper finishing the season at 43-18 and an overall record of 62%, it was my 5th NBA Handicapping Title. Pro basket ball is unlike any other sport. You can look at a matchup and know you will cover by 20 points and at the end of the game, you failed to cover by 20 points. You don't do this 24/7 as a career. I DO! This isn't something I do, it is something I am. While you are sleeping, I am working on injuries, tendencies, and line movements. And that is why every year, I get you paid. Now personally, I like my money where it belongs…in my pocket. I prefer not to lock up a wager for 7 months and hope I win. I would much rather bet a big game and win in three hours. But future wagering is becoming more popular by the day. Below are the current odds to win the 2013/2014 NBA Championship:


Heat              9/5

Bulls             9/2

Clippers        7/1

Pacers            8/1

Thunder         8/1

Nets               10/1

Spurs              12/1

Rockets          12/1

Warriors         13/1

Knicks            22/1

Grizzlies           25/1

Lakers              25/1

Nuggets            35/1

Mavericks        35/1

Timberwolves 50/1

Cavaliers         60/1

Pistons            75/1

Pelicans          75/1

Hawks            100/1

Trailblazers    100/1

Jazz                100/1

Bucks             100/1

Celtics            125/1

Wizards         125/1

Raptors          125/1

Kings             150/1

76ers              300/1

Suns               300/1

Bobcats          500/1

Magic            500/1


Guys, throw out the bottom 20 teams on the list unless they are your favorite team and the wager is just for fun. The Top-10 teams, you might as well get rid of the Warriors, Nets, Pacers, and Clippers. This leaves the Heat, Bulls, Thunder, Spurs, Rockets, and Knicks. There is no value on any team here but New York. You can make more money in a game or two than tying your investment up for 7 months. Guys, I gotta' tell you the truth. That's why you believe in me. If you do want a true value, the Knicks, Rockets, and Spurs are really it. Barring a major injury, these Top-10 teams will all be playoff contenders and Conference champions, and eventually the NBA Champ. I will tell you that the one sure way to make yourself a profit this season is to follow me right here and get all my winning NBA information. I also posted HUGE DISCOUNTED SAVINGS on weekly, monthly, and seasonal packages. If you really need the wins (like we all do) follow me here and you will hit over 60-65% of your games. Thank you and Good Luck. Joe D'Amico