Sean's AFC East Preview

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By: Sean Higgs Published on: 09/01/2013

NFL kicks off Thursday so it is time to look at how I think the NFL will shape up.


1. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Yes. I am putting the Fish over NE. It is pretty easy to pencil in that other team here, but I am going over the grid with Miami. I like Tannehill. I think the addition of Mike Wallace will help stretch the field and open up the run game. But what really vaults them here is the defense. They were seventh in points allowed last year, and I think they can grow here under 2nd year HC Joe Philbin

2. NE PATRIOTS - Tough to go against the 'hoodie' and Brady. I mean, I know these guys are all business, but I just can't trust who Brady has to catch passes. As great as this offense was LY(#1 total offense), I can't see how the replace Welker, Hernandez and Gronk. Gronk is banged up still. And who knows how long he will last with his glass arm. The defense has been a problem for the last few years ranking 25, 31 and 25. Yeah. The offense can score fast at times, but they need to be able to make some stops. I think this is the year they fall from the perch.

3. BUFFALO BILLS - So EJ Manuel got here in pre-season. But I still like these guys to not finish in the basement. Players are excited about new HC Doug Marrone. The run defense can't get any worse. On offense, RBs CJ Spiller and Fred Jackson are a great combo. The fact they have actually NFL offensive weapons puts the Bills ahead of the Jets!

4. NY JETS - Send in the clowns! Looks like Geno Smith will get the nod to start and that is what the Front Office wants. They apparently missed his terrible pre-season. If not for Rex Ryan summoning Sanchez off the bench, Butt-Fumble would have and should be the starting QB. Let's be honest. Sanchez gets a bad wrap, but in his defense the offense talent has fallen every year he has been here. Can Rex Ryan get credit for over-achieving to a pair of AFC Championship Games?